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Useful Tips & Tricks To Score Good Marks In Every Board Exam

Useful Tips & Tricks To Score Good Marks In Every Board Exam: Every one wants good marks, I think no one is here, who hates good marks(more than 90% marks in Board exam) in their board mark sheet. This post is for the 12th 10th students who have better knowledge but they have lack of tips & tricks. Best and useful tips and tricks to get place in merit list are here.

Use these tips on your exam and I am sure you will score maximum marks in your 2018 board exam. In this article, You can read Easy and Important tricks to score highest marks in board exam. This article is for every state board exam like CBSE, ICSC, ISC, UP Board, Delhi board etc.

Useful Tips & Tricks To Score Good Marks In Every Board Exam

How to score good marks in board classes? Top tips and tricks to get maximum no in board exam are here for only those students who really care about their percentage. Here are my tips and best suggestion for you. read them carefully and apply in your life, don’t only read them.

1- Change your routine

Change your previous routine, I am sure, you are one of them, who wake up late in the morning and go to bed with your mobile phone. Change routine and wake up early in the morning, Prepare timetable for your exam. Don’t waste your time to do silly things these days. Continue your study and do your work at the time.

2- Improvement In yourself

Make good changes in life, always good for life. So improve yourself, For suppose you got 80% in first sessional, 60% in second sessional and 50% in last sessional. Basically these are the fact when the syllabus going to end, your percentages degrades, Because completing full syllabus at a time is silly hard. and Above I have mentioned, 80% in first sessional. you know why? because 30% syllabus complete till first sessional. and is good to score maximum. When syllabus covers day by day, its hard to score maximum. so revision once at home is the key of getting highest marks. Divide the chapter in two parts and then solve them part wise, the trick will helpful for you.

3- Work on your weak point

Most important thing which will help you in the exam and beyond of the exam too. Pick a syllabus of a subject, Make a list of important topics and point out the weak topics. Work on weak point if you have much time, If you have no more time for preparation then don’t waste your time on these weak point.

4- Time Management

Time management in the exam time is one more important thing, Time management is also a part of “change your routine”. Time will kill you at during the exam Because long answer type questions take much time and you guys leave them, Don’t leave them although you should solve them first and then go for short answer type questions.

5- Focus on study

Focus on study but don’t sit long hours for study, regularly take break in between. This is the suggestion For those students, who are worried about their exam and sitting long hours for study. Don’t sit more than 15 hours in a day.

6- Night Before the exam

Have you left some important topics for last night? If you have, then solve them right now. don’t leave any single topic for last night, yes! you can revise these topics twice at last night. This is the last night so as much as you can, you should revise important questions.

7- Draw Diagram

Diagram in a question will increase the possibility to get good marks. An attractive and cool diagram will help you to get more marks in exam. Draw Neat and clean diagram with pencil.

8- Attractive Answer Sheet

Last suggestion for you is that, Exam answer sheet should be attractive and spotless. Don’t make insect  in your exam answer sheet, more than 80% student answer sheet looks like filthy. Try to write in best way with clearly.

Thanks for reading this we have more stuff about these topics. And important thing is sample paper for, sample paper for the every subject available click on the link to get sample paper about any topics.

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